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Aviro Ant Killer - Fast Acting Ant Killer Spray For Indoor And Outdoor Use.

Aviro Ant Killer - Fast Acting Ant Killer Spray For Indoor And Outdoor Use.

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  • Get rid of ants fast - highly effective ready to use ant spray specifically designed for killing ants indoors and outdoors. No more worrying about how to get rid of ants
  • This ant killer indoor gets to work seriously fast by immediately killing ants. It also prevents their ongoing reproduction and so offers long lasting protection
  • Long lasting highly effective ant control - this ant poison targets all stages of the ant life cycle with its market leading advanced formula that attacks and controls all stages of ant growth
  • This super effective ant infestation treatment gets to work immediately it comes into contact with ants and crawling insects. Its built-in growth regulator kills eggs and halts the breeding cycle. It’s the ultimate ant stop and ant nest killer
  • No mess, easy to use ant stop spray - simply spray the ant killer outdoor around the infected area, it’s clear and unlike ant powder or ant granules won't leave a mess. This ant spray leaves an invisible residual protection for long lasting protection
  • The most powerful and dedicated ant spray around - ideal for professional of general use and approved for use on ants nests. This ant poison offers great value as it comes in a handy 1 litre bottle. Can be used on porous or non-porous surfaces, retreat as necessary
  • It's easy to use, simply spray floors, carpets, paths, grass, cracks, crevices, worktops, cupboards and furniture. This low odour water based formula doesn’t stain or leave a nasty odour so is ideal for indoor and outdoor home and garden use wherever
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  • Dedicated Ant Killer For Fast Elimination And Long Lasting Protection

    This ant killer spray is a highly effective dedicated ant stop spray for killing ants indoors and outdoors.

    Simply spray on ants or ant runs, cracks, crevices and other areas as soon as they are noticed. This ant spray offers effective and efficient control for common black ants and other crawling insects.

  • Easy And Ready To Use, Long Lasting Protection

    Stop ants from getting into your house or even from biting you and causing redness and swelling.

    Your new Aviro ant killer spray targets all stages of the ant life cycle development. Its handy growth regulator stops ants from maturing meaning they can't lay eggs.

  • For Indoor And Outdoor Use. Approved For Use On Ant Nests

    This ant spray is an approved ant nest killer, will target an ant colony and will work on flying ants.

    For effective space treatment, simply apply approx 1ml per metre as a fine mist using the included spray nozzle over the ant infestation.

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