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Aviro Bed Bug Killer (1 Litre) - Bed Bug Treatment Spray Approved For Use On Mattresses, Carpets And Hard Surfaces. Professional Strength For Immediate Control And Long Lasting Prevention

Aviro Bed Bug Killer (1 Litre) - Bed Bug Treatment Spray Approved For Use On Mattresses, Carpets And Hard Surfaces. Professional Strength For Immediate Control And Long Lasting Prevention

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  • Stop bed bugs feeding on you while you sleep - highly effective ready to use bed bug killer spray specifically designed for bed bug treatment
  • Fast acting bed bug killer spray gets to work seriously fast by killing bed bugs and preventing their reproduction thereby offering long lasting protection. For best results on how to get rid of bed bugs re-treat every two weeks if your bed bug infestation persists
  • Immediate and long lasting elimination of bed bugs - targets all stages of the bed bug life cycle with its advanced triple action proven formula that attacks and controls all stages of bed bug growth
  • This super effective bed bug treatment gets to work immediately it comes into contact with bed bugs. Its built-in growth regulator kills eggs, larvae and halts the breeding cycle. It’s the ultimate bed bug killer spray
  • The most powerful and dedicated bed bug killer around - ideal for amateur or professional use and approved for use on mattresses and carpets, this bed bug mattress protector spray for the home offers great value as it comes in a handy 1 litre bottle
  • It's easy to use, simply spray cracks, crevices, furniture, sofas, mattresses and bedding. This low odour water based formula doesn’t stain or leave a nasty odour so is ideal for homes, hostels, hotels, rentals, airbnbs and caravans
  • Long lasting highly effective control - bed bugs usually feed at night while you (the host) are sleeping. Bed bugs are highly mobile and spread quickly and unless treated they can survive undetected without feeding, surviving in a state of suspended development waiting for a suitable host
  • Unlike others, our bed bug spray contains a growth regulator which stops them from maturing and means they can’t lay eggs, stopping them from coming back giving you long lasting protection
  • Sustainably developed, UK made and quality assured - our innovative insecticide control solutions are made at a leading UK factory and sold around the world. With years of experience and strict quality controls you can rest assured your new bed bug control products are fully regulated, HSE approved and certified to the highest of standards
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    • Natural Lavender Fragrance - Protects and Perfumes

      Whilst the hanging moth repellant does its work, the lavender-scented moth catcher freshens wardrobes and ensures your clothes remain naturally scented. No unpleasant overpowering smells from this vapour releasing lavender moth repellent!

    • End Of Life Indicator - Ongoing Effective Moth Prevention

      Each hanging moth killer lasts approximately 3 months. Each hanger has an end of life indicator so you’ll always know when to replace each moth hanger to maintain ongoing effective moth treatment.

    • Fast And Easy To Use - Does Not Stain Clothes Or Textiles

      Simply remove a moth repellent hanger from the outer packaging. Place one hanger on your wardrobe rail (or clothes hanger) to protect up to 0.25 cubic meters.

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